KolkataKolkata is one of the 4 major metropolitan cities of India. It is a place of very important significance in Indian history. Before Delhi (Click Here to see places you must visit in New Delhi) could become the Capital of India Kolkata was the Capital of the British East India Company which ruled India until 15th August 1947. It was then known as Calcutta. It was the first city in India to have an Underground Metro Trains system that is comparable to the Metro network called Underground in the city of London. At the same time the only city to still have a very old transport network called Trams.

There is a lot that the city has to offer. It is widely believed that Kolkata offers the best street food in India. Especially the Non-Veg varieties. The sweets from here too are very famous they are known as Bengali Sweets. Bengalis are the original inhabitants of this city as it serves as the Capital of Bengal currently. There is a lot here to explore while the list may not be able to capture all of what Kolkata has to offer, we have picked a few that you have to visit when in Kolkata.

Let’s take a look at the must see destinations of Kolkata

The Victoria MemorialKolkata 1

The Victoria Memorial was built in memory of the Late Queen Victoria who passed away in 1901. The Building itself is quite a feast for the eyes. It is a huge marble Building surrounded by gardens. It houses a Museum that you can visit and experience relics from the British Raj in India. There are thousands of tourists that visit the Victoria Memorial every year. It is located on Chowringhee road officaly known as Jawaharlal Nehru Road.

Entry fee: Rs.30/- for Indians Rs. 500/- for Foreigners
Time to visit: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Closed on Sundays
Nearest Metro Station: Rabindra Sadan

Howrah BridgeKolkata 2

Howrah bridge to Kolkata is like what Eiffel Tower is to Paris. It is a bridge that often represents Kolkata in pictures. Howrah Bridge is a Cantilever bridge and is the sixth longest one of its kind in the world. It crosses over the Hooghly River which runs across the city of Kolkata. It is an engineering marvel of its time and a must see iconic symbol of Kolkata’s rich heritage.

Entry fee: Not Applicable
Time to visit: 24×7
Nearest Metro Station: Mahatma Gandhi Road

The Alipore ZooKolkata 3

Alipore Zoo formally known as Zoological Garden Alipore is the oldest Zoo in the Country. It was founded in the year 1876 and was built during the British Raj. The Zoo houses a wide range of species from reptiles to Big Cats, Fishes to birds. It was also the first zoo in India to house the White Tiger which is a very big attraction in this zoo. The Zoo has several breeding projects that are there to conserve certain species. It has an aquarium too just across the road which has a wide variety of Aquatic animals.

Entry fee: : Rs.10/- for Children upto 5 years Rs.30/- for Visitors above 5 years of age on Saturdays, Sundays & Government holidays.  Rs. 25/- for Visitors above 5 years of age on other days
Time to visit: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Nearest Metro Station: Netaji Bhawan

Kolkata was once the Capital of India during British rule

Park StreetKolkata 4

Park Street is your Wine Dine and Dance destination in Kolkata. It also goes by the nick name ‘The street that never sleeps’. From street food to Fine Dine Park Street has it all. It has historically been a party destination for locals as well as visitors. Come here anytime of the day and you can have a ball is what some say. It is now however officially known as Mother Teresa Sarani in honour of Mother Teresa who made Kolkata her home.

Entry fee: Not Applicable
Time to visit: 8:00 am to 1:00 am
Nearest Metro Station: Park Street

Old Chinatown  Kolkata 5

Many cities across the world have a China Town. But in India only Kolkata has one. As the name indicates it is inhabited mainly by Chinese people who migrated here. There were tanneries originally but now has become the destination for the most authentic Chinese food available in the whole of India. You will also be exposed to a unique Chinese culture that exists only here.

Entry fee: Not Applicable
Time to visit: 6:00 pm to 12:00 am
Nearest Metro Station: Park Circus



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