#MeTooThere was a huge outcry for protecting the rights of women and shielding them from the predators that use them as soft targets. While the #MeToo movement has certainly empowered women to come out and speak up about the atrocities that they have been through. It has certainly done a significant damage to Men who act as predators and use women as their sexual tools. It has brought about a fear in Men and making them more aware that women will no longer remain silent and be subject to injustice.

Laws throughout the world favour women in matters of Rape and Sexual harassment. The harshest of punishments are given to men who subject women to such kind of torture. Which is all in the benefit of Women and it should be. But all this has changed the mindsets of men in the corporate space who today dominate the top brass of various industries across the world. The reason too is the blatant misuse of #MeToo. It takes just a tag called #MeToo, an anonymous Social media ID and the name of a target to destroy the life of innocent men.

Men’s rights are under serious jeopardy due to the inappropriate use of a very serious moment which is also shaming the movement. Men in the Corporate world have expressed their fears in having one to one meeting with women in their work spaces. They are afraid now to travel with women colleagues or subordinates for business purposes. There is significant fear among men to interact with women outside of the work place. Surveys indicate that each of these attributes pre-  #MeToo were at 35% has risen drastically up to 60%.

Emotions take over the desire to seek the truth biggest drawback of #MeToo

A single accusation by a woman the world over can destroy the man’s reputation, life and family. Even if proven innocent later on there are no takers for the innocence. So, it is evident that men are now taking a more cautious approach while dealing with women. This cautious approach denies women opportunities where they can prove their capabilities and truly excel. They can display that they are better than or at Par with men even at the work space.

Mentor-ship opportunities are lost, travel opportunities are lost, career growth takes a hit and the list goes on. So, Is the movement moving in a positive direction? While the immediate answer to that question is a ‘YES’. The underlying effects of the movement are indicating otherwise.

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There is no need for a #MenToo Movement. The reason that such a movement is being called for is because #MeToo while protecting women is destroying men. One movement giving rise to another itself is a failure of the first. Only for vested interests of some few conniving women that cry ‘Wolf’ turns the balance of Gender equality.



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