raj thackerayRaj Thackeray had made an alliance with the Cong-NCP Combine to campaign for the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. He was thought to be the face of the Marathi speaking people and would woo the Maharashtrian vote bank. Shiv Sena has been the key party that has the support of the Marathi speaking population in Mumbai and obviously the rest of Maharashtra. Once an integral part of the Shiv Sena Raj Thackeray has failed to deliver as a regional Leader of Maharashtra. Making it evident that even though he can draw huge crowds votes have just not materialized.

Raj Thackeray saw the 2019 Lok Sabha Election as a rehearsal for the 2019 Assembly elections that is scheduled to be held later this year. If he could come in the fore front during the national elections and show positive results. It would mean that he can see a ray of hope in the upcoming Assembly elections. The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena that he founded has seen no credible leaders that have been able to make a mark in even local corporation elections. They have zero representation in any elected government body.

Raj Thackeray led MNS is seeing tough times 

The initial years there were a few representatives that he was able to get. But that number was so little that it dwindled to oblivion. Now the fate of the party hangs is at most uncertainty. It is highly unlikely that any of the candidates that MNS will shield will be able to win any seat. Raj Thackeray had campaigned for 10 candidates in the National elections out of which only four have been elected. Mumbai which is supposed to be the stronghold of the MNS also saw a complete defeat with the BJP-Shiv Sena Combine winning all the seats.

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MNS has only one face and only one leader. Who is considered to be a firebrand. But unfortunately looks like the Fire has lost its flame. Even the sparks could not light a pyre. Raj Thackeray may still have a bright political future. But that cannot be said about his flagship the MNS. There is no chance that this time around also MNS will see any representation in the State Assembly. This could be the very end of the MNS. But there are few months still left and Raj Thakeray is not someone that can be easily written off. He may just come out with something out of the box that can change the scenario.



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