2019 Lok Sabha Elections91 Constituencies across the nation will go for the first phase of Polling today. It marks the beginning of the new chapter in the biggest democracy of the world 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. Who will become the next Prime Minister of India? Which Party will emerge victorious? The answer to all of these questions is just 39 days away. BJP had a clean sweep last time when the country held the elections.

Andhra, Arunachal and Sikkim will see the entire state going to the polls today itself. Several other states will have the first phase of polling that will commence today. BJP is defending 32 seats that it has its MP from today. On the other hand, congress is just defending 7 seats. Congress has a lot to gain while BJP has a lot to lose. Or History could simply repeat.

It is also not a fight only between the BJP and the Congress that is in the fray. The fight between their allies in various constituencies is also at stake. Like the SP-BSP combine in the eastern UP belt where all seats are occupied by the BJP. Congress does not have its foot and not even capable of making a presence there. But the Allies like the SP-BSP will stand a major chance to uproot the BJP from these constituencies.

Few Minister’s seats are also going to Polls on the first Phase of 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

In a similar situation in Telengana BJP will want the TRS to do well so that Congress will lose its grip in that region. BJP Allies are also contesting three seats from Bihar. Which could add to the BJP tally. It is also an Important point to remember that certain states are also facing their Assembly elections today. Andhra, Arunachal and Sikkim. This will also decide the fate of both these parties and local strongholds in these regions to know who will win the race.

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There are a few big names in the political scenario whose fate will be sealed today. Nitin Gadkari from Nagpur, VK Singh from Ghaziabad UP and Asaduddin Owaisi from Hyderabad are just some of the big names that will see their constituencies voting. This is just the first of the several phases of voting that is to take place in the Country. Even Google has dedicated its Google Doodle to represent election day in India.



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