BJP Narendra Modi Exit PollExit Poll is nothing but a survey done by media houses to understand who the voter has voted for. There has never been an actual result that has matched the Exit Poll indications. But exit polls have been able to indicate who will be the next to come to power. The 2014 Exit Polls indicated that the Narendra Modi led BJP will come into power. But the No of seats that the BJP actually won was much higher than what the polls predicted. So, we may see the BJP return to power again is what the current Polls are indicating.

However, exit poll history also indicated that BJP will return to power in 2004. But Congress came back into power and Manmohan Singh was appointed the Prime Minister of the country. A position that he retained till 2014. Even the 2009 Exit Polls had indicated that the battle for power will be very tough for the two biggest political parties of the country. But the results of the 2009 Lok Sabha Elections saw the Congress come back to power with more than hundred seats compared to its arch rival the BJP.

Exit Poll indicated Narendra Modi and BJP coming to power in 2014 will history repeat

The claim that the Congress is making that the Polls will not reflect the actual results that are currently awaited. A claim that is quite true as the party has experienced the same in 2004 and 2009 Lok Sabha Elections. 2014 Lok Sabha Elections was quite evident that the BJP and Narendra Modi would come into power as there was the Modi wave that went viral in the country. This contributed in the favour of BJP. 10 years of congress rule which saw a lot of scams came into light was also a reason why the Indian masses chose to oust the Congress.

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Narendra Modi’s actions like Demonetization and GST has been quite controversial. With BJP claiming that both the moves have boosted the economy and has done good for the nation. Congress has rubbished the claims and accused the BJP of hurting the common man with such amendments. It is however not too far now to know who will win the biggest democratic battle in the world. 23rd May is the day that India and people across the world are eagerly awaiting. The countdown has begun and is just 3 days away.



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