The trump government has given relief to Indian citizens living in the United States. The Trump government had imposed many restrictions on H-1B visa holders. So many visa holders would have to return to India again from the US. But the US has withdrawn its proposal to put strict visa restrictions on Indian visa holders. So H-1B visa holders can now live for more than six years in the United States.

And those who wait for the green card will not even have to leave the US. According to the Money Control report, the withdrawal of the proposal to change the H-1B visa to the US will benefit many foreign nationals including Indians.

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Increase in the wages of H-1B visa holders  


A high-power committee of US Congress Hall has increased the minimum wage of H-1B visa holders by $ 30,000. Accordingly, the minimum wage of professionals in the US for H-1B visas ranges from $ 60,000 to $ 90,000. The US Employment Security and Enhancing Act (HR170) have been introduced by Darail Isa, chairman of Intellectual Property and Internet Sub-Committee.

President Donald Trump will sign it after the approval of both the Houses. The actual implementation of this law will begin after their signature.

The Trump Administration has started the process of increasing the minimum wage of H-1B visa holders to prevent foreign cheap manpower. Also, Trump administration efforts are being made to give jobs to local US youth.

In the presidential election, he made this the main issue of his campaign. Also, in order to protect the employment of American youth, the Trump administration has also enacted employment provisions.

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