Tech Employee Raped 50 Women

Tech Employee Raped 50 Women and Make Sex Video on His Phone, Arrested

Chennai Police has arrested a  28-year-old Former Tech Employee for robbery, but they found out later, He is an actual serial rapist. According to a report, He has raped more than 50 women in Chennai. The serial rapist has been identified as Madhan Arivalagan.
The accused would often rape a victim after robbing them, as per the report he would also make a video of the indecent act. The police were left in shock when they checked his phone and found a number of sex videos of whom he had raped and robbed on his smartphone.
Police officials said that the accused would trap women alone in their home and rape them. He recorded the videos of rape and would blackmail women to compel to do it again. Most interestingly, They have received only one formal complaint so far.
“We have received a first formal rape complaint against him and expect more to follow…Many of the women, of course, may choose to never come forward and charge him,” Police official said.

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Tech Employee is Math Graduate

Arivalagan has graduated in Maths from a Krishnagiri college. He has also worked for a software firm in Bengaluru for almost two years. Arivalagan moved to Chennai in 2015 for a job but could not find an attractive Job, he told investigators.
Tech Employee Raped 50 Women

He Would Rob and Rape, Became Habitual

He took to crime after that. Once he raped a robbery victim– later, he became a habitual offender who would target women.  He was detained on a complaint that a robber had mugged him at knifepoint. Police had found him by scanning the CCTV footage of the area.
According to India’s English leading news Paper, “Arivalagan admitted that he had raped several women at knifepoint in their houses,”
“Arivalagan forced his victims to give him their mobile phone numbers and contacts,” he said. “He later called them and threatened to show the videos to their husbands or family members and raped them repeatedly on several occasions.”

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