Swaminarayan Priest Attacked

Priest of Swaminarayan Temple Attacked

A priest in Swaminarayan Temple, campaigning for the BJP in Gujarat was attacked last night, two days before parts of the Gujarat elections in the first phase of the assembly elections on Saturday. Unknown people attacked Swami Bhaktiprasad, a priest of the Swaminarayan Gurukul. BJP claimed congress to have a hand behind this attack.

According to a report. The priest of the Ashram was campaigning for the BJP in an area in Junagadh when he was attacked. He was taken to the hospital, where his condition is said to be stable.

If media reports are to be believed, there are two sects in the Swaminarayan temple. A particular sect has always been backing the ruling BJP Party. While, both the sects have been warning each other for a long time.

The Priest, Bhaktiprasad Swami also alleged that those attacked him were the workers of the opposition Congress party. READ | Modi Takes a Dig at Rahul Gandhi’s Temple Visit, Rahul Posted His Ninth Question

The priest says his attackers were in a black car that drove up alongside his SUV.

Priest Attacked in Gujarat

Hardik Patel Taunted BJP on Manifesto Issue

On the other hand, one the of Eve of the Gujarat Election, Patidar Leader Hardik Patel, attacked the Ruling BJP party for not making the Party manifesto before the state goes to elections. He taunted by saying,  BJP was so busy “making” sex CDs that it forgot to formulate and release its manifesto.

Earlier, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi too attacked the BJP on the same issue, saying not releasing a manifesto showed “disrespect towards the people of Gujarat.”

“Campaign is over and STILL no mention of a manifesto for the people, no vision and no ideas presented for Gujarat’s future,” Gandhi, who is soon expected to take over as Congress president, added.

Gujarat goes to poll tomorrow and on Thursday for a new 182-member assembly. The results will be declared on December 18.

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