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Rahul Gandhi has suffered a lot since his childhood. When he came to politics, he faced such a terrible person who made him yet fearless and strong, saying that Congress President Sonia Gandhi indirectly criticized Narendra Modi. Rahul Gandhi today took the charge of Congress as the President.

Congress’s Central Election Committee President Mullappally Ramachandran gave Rahul Gandhi the certificate of the presidential post. Former Congress President Sonia Gandhi, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and all the senior Congress leaders were present. Addressing the workers at this time, Sonia Gandhi spoke about her political journey. She also criticized the BJP government too.

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Sonia Gandhi Got Emotional

‘Rahul Gandhi is my son and it would be wrong to praise him. He has suffered from sorrow for a little while. When Rahul came in politics, he faced a terrible person who made him yet fearless and strong. I am proud of his patience. I believe that Rahul Gandhi will justify all our faith in working towards the party” Gandhi said.

She recalled that my hands were shaking 20 years back when I was taking over the responsibility of Congress President. ‘The family I came in was a revolutionary family. Indira Gandhi was a member of the same family. Indira Gandhi treated me like a girl. After the assassination of Indira Gandhi, I had a feeling of separation from motherhood. Sonia Gandhi got emotional on this occasion. And twice during the speech, she had to stop due to loud firecrackers.

“When I accepted the responsibility of Congress president, we had only three states, the power of the Center was far away. But then we gained power in more than a dozen states. The biggest challenge today is in front of us, is as never before. There are many challenges, but we are not afraid, we will face the challenge”, she said.

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