Pulwama Tragedy

Pulwama Tragedy perpetrated by terror haven Pakistan India waiting for the next. Its been two days since the worst terror attack in recent times was conducted on Indian soil by Pakistan based Terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed. There have been sympathies that have been pouring from around the world for the Martyrs that lost their lives on the unfortunate afternoon of Valentines Day. Many have patriotic citizens have even gone onto call the day a Black Day, Soldiers Day etc.

Citizens have taken to the streets condemning the attack and also marched in support for those who lost their lives on this unfortunate day. Social media is also taken up by storm with netizens condemning the attack and sympathies for those who have lost their lives. The Prime Minister of the Country has also promised in a speech right after the attack that the lives lost will not go in vain.

Jaish-e-Mohammed has accepted the responsibility of the attack: Pulwama Tragedy

Jaish-e-Mohammed has accepted the responsibility of the attack with the videos of the Suicide Bomber going viral. The video shows an ammunition-laden youth and a Jaish-e-Mohammed banner in the backdrop of the Video. Jaish-e-Mohammed is an organization that is headed by Masood Azhar a well-known terrorist who was once in Indian custody. But was released in exchange of Hostages of a Hijacked Indian Airlines flight in 1999.

India has appealed to the UN to declare the Jaish-e-Mohammed chief as a Global terrorist but the appeal has been strongly opposed by China. It is a known fact that he has been hiding in Pakistan. Hiding would be an understatement as he has been known to conduct rallies of gatherings of more the 10,000 people in Public locations. He continues to roam free in Pakistan as according to the Pakistan administration he has not committed any crime in Pakistan.

Pakistan has always been a safe haven for Terrorist

Pakistan has always been a safe haven for Terrorist and terror-related activities. The ISI Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency has always funded these terrorist organizations for their Anti-India Activities. Pakistan has been behind every Terrorist activity that has occurred in the country. They used Indian Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim to execute the 1993 Bomb Blasts in Mumbai. There were a series of Bomb Blasts and Terrorist activity throughout the country. With organizations like Lashkar-e-Toiba, Jaish-e-Mohammed claiming responsibility.

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The heads of these organizations continue to roam freely in Pakistan. Whether it is Masood Azhar or Hafiz Saeed. No amount of International pressure stops Pakistan from harboring Terrorist. Pakistan also provided safe haven to the most dreaded terrorist in the world Osama Bin Laden. In their Military town of Abbottabad. Terrorist Attack on Indian Soil is imminent but India does nothing in terms of retaliating to these Terror attacks.

There have been 101 incidents of Terrorist activities in India since 1980

Unless there is a hard blow that is given to the Pakistani administration. They will not stop. There have been 101 incidents of Terrorist activities in India since 1980. Which averages out to 2 Terrorist attacks per year out of which more than 90% of activities have been conducted by Pakistan based terrorist Groups. Thousands of lives have been lost in these Terrorist activities but the Government still does nothing about it.

The Common man has a very short-term Memory. In the wake of an attack, there will be a lot hue and cry. But within weeks all is forgotten until the next attack that occurs and many lives that are lost again. We will continue to be an easy Target to terrorism as our administration chooses not to react in a way that will instill fear in a way that Pakistan will deter from any sort of under the belt activities.



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