Narendra Modi in Manila ASEAN Summit

PM Modi is at ASEAN Summit in Manila

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been in the Philippines, to attend the  ASEAN summit and East Asia Summit. Narendra Modi is expected to hold a bilateral meeting with the United States of America President Donald Trump today in Manila. The meeting is being attended by 10 nations besides India. Interestingly, Narendra Modi is a second Prime Minister after Indira Gandhi who visits Manila.
A picture which is being widely shared on social media mocking Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Aadhar link Policy. In Manila, many leaders of the world, including PM, Modi are also seen in the traditional costume of the Philippines.

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This picture is something like that is getting roasted on the Internet and going viral in India. In this picture, Modi is seen explaining something to the American President Trump, Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe and the leaders of the world with his fingers.

Modi’s ASEAN Summit Gesture Took a Wrong Turn

On social media in India, people have given fun headlines on this picture. Commenting on this picture, a man has written that this is a warm-up before Garba.
The Image was uploaded by the Social Media Group called “Frustrated Indian”. While uploading an Image they did not give any Caption. But asked their Followers to Suggest, What the Caption should be?
Here is the hilarious comment which will remind you the way Modi has ordered to link our Aadhar card, with Pan Card, Bank Card or Even our Mobile number.

How Indian Reacted at Modi ASEAN Summit Gesture

Modi was at the receiving end when people started to troll his picture. In the picture, Modi is having a discussion with his counterparts in Manila. One user says, PM, Modi is asking to his counterparts, did you link your Aadhar Card brothers.
One another user took a dig at Modi by saying, Once upon a time I was a Tea seller, Now I am the Prime Minister of India, just Pay attention here and Do scrap your current currency from the system and Impose GST. Your nation will improve.

Taking the Prime Minister’s gesture in a Funny way, One user also suggests, the Caption can be, If You See Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, beat Him.



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