PM, Modi Meets US President Donald Trump

Indian PM Meets US President In Manila

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Met the United States of America’s President Donald Trump, in the ongoing 31st Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN), and held a bilateral meeting. This was the second meeting of these two leaders in the last Six months. PM, Modi is the second Indian PM who visits Manila after Indira Gandhi.
While, India PM, Modi said, India and America’s relation are constantly getting stronger, and our relationship goes beyond. We are working for the future interest of Asia and Humanity. He also said I would like to assure you that we will come to good terms with the expectation that the world and US have with India.

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While President Trump said, “He’s become a friend of ours. He’s doing a great job. A lot of things were solved and we will continue to work together.” The PM, Modi said that he is happy that he got an opportunity to meet the President of the United States. He also said, Wherever Trump has gone. He got an opportunity to talk about India especially at International forums, He appreciated India.

PM, Modi Meets US President

Trump has Hopes from India, PM, Modi says

 According to the PM, Modi, Trump has seen India with hopeful eyes. PM, Modi thanked Trump for praising India. The Prime Minister, Modi said that India and America can together change the future of the world.
PM, Modi discussed the future, strategic and diplomatic issues of Asia in the meeting with the US President. The leaders of both the countries stressed for peace in the world. PM, Modi assured Trump that India will try to comply with the American expectations.

US President Trump Appreciates India’s Economic

Donald Trump Paises China
US President Trump had strongly appreciated India’s economic policies at the APEC meeting on 10 November. He said that India opened the doors of its economy to the world and prepared a new world of opportunities for its middle class. Trump had said that PM, Modi is working with success to bring a vast country like India into a single lane.
PM, Modi is likely to meet some of the other world leaders who are participating in the East Asia summit in Manila. Modi will also visit the International Rice Research Institute and Mahaveer Philippines Foundation. After that, he is also scheduled to address the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit.  Later will also attend a Community Reception.

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