One Nation One Election

Should One Nation One Election be Implemented?

After President Ramnath Kovind who supported the Idea of one nation one Election across the country. Now Bihar Chief Minister Nitesh Kumar also supported the idea of Conducting Lok Sabha and state Assemblies election across the Country together.

On the eve of 69th Republic Day, President Ramnath Kovind had said that “Frequent election imposes a huge burden on human resources and impedes development due to the promulgation of the model code of conduct.”

Ramnath Kovind had also urged to have a sustained debate. Which is required on the subject of simultaneous elections. While addressing he said, all political parties need to arrive at a consensus on this issue.”

After One nation One Tax, now Prime Minister Narendra Modi also wanted one Nation One Election to be imposed in our country. Prime Minister Modi has earlier talked about this one nation one election. Meanwhile, After President Ramnath Kovind address, the Opposition parties rejected the idea of conducting Lok Sabha and state Assembly election together.

There are two aspects to this debate. One legal or constitutional and other politicals. Former Finance Minister and Congress leader P Chidambaram said, holding simultaneous Assembly and Lok Sabha elections would entail constitutional amendments.

Opposition Parties Reject the Idea of one nation one Election

One Nation One Election

Even Minister of State for Law PP Chaudhary quoted as saying to New18, at a function organized by Jind District Bar Association in Haryana urged, “Association to conduct extensive deliberations on the crucial subject of simultaneous elections of Lok Sabha and state legislatures. Which has the potential to substantially reduce the burden on state exchequer”!

While many opposition leaders also appreciated the idea of one nation one election throughout the country. Whereas, Election Commission of India has said that. “Holding Lok Sabha and State Assembly election simultaneous will be difficult. And there will be issues If conducted.”

As Congress rejected the idea of simultaneous or one nation one election. Prime Minister Modi got a support from his new ally, Janata Dal Supremo and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

“I am favourvor of the simultaneous or one nation one election. I have been supporting it for a long time,” Kumar said.

He also said, “If elections are conducted together, then the expenditure will be reduced and the elected government will have more time to work. At the same time, Nitish Kumar also clarified that before imposing the idea, all parties sanctions must be taken.”

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