Pain Turns Into Purpose These Men Fill More Than 600 Mumbai’s Deadly Potholes

Mumbai Potholes:

If you have endured an extreme pain would you like others to go through the same? Obviously not, the same has been proven by Mumbai’s man Dadarao Bilhore, who has still been reeling under the pain of his 16-year old son, Prakash Bilhore who died on July 28 after being hit by Mumbai’s deadly Potholes.

Late Prakash Bilhore, the son of Dadarao Bilhore who was returning back to home on Bike after getting admission in a reputed college, but he met with an accident due to Mumbai’s deadly Pothole which led him to death. At the time of the accident, Prakash Bilhore did not wear a helmet and died on the spot while his cousin Ram Bilhore suffered severe injuries. When Prakash Bilhore was rush to Holyspirit hospital he was declared brought dead and his cousin got 7 stitches on his head and face.

Remembering his son Prakash Bilhore, Dadarao Bilhore decided to take this Mumbai’s deadly pothole into his own hand and started a campaign to fill Mumbai’s Pothole by his own. Dadarao Bilhore begun his campaign merely a month after his son died and as of now he has filled almost 557 potholes in mumbai to avert such accidents in future.

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While talking to Thepost24 Dadarao Bilhore said, “Despite visiting repeatedly Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) they have not paid attention to these deadly Potholes to avert further causalities in future. They didn’t seem interested in taking these thousands of potholes seriously. That’s why I took this responsibility to fill Mumbai’s pothole that I can. I carry a paver block, a trowel, and debris to fill these potholes in Mumbai.”

Mumbai's Deadly Potholes
Father and Mother of Late Prakash Bilhore Dadarao Bilhore and Mainavati Bilhore

Dying people due to these deadly potholes are not restricted to Mumbai only. In the month of July five people were killed in Kalyan. These deaths were reported days after when PWD Minister Chandrakant Patil said, “The only pothole cannot be blamed. When you talk about a death in such an accident, you forget that five lakh other people have travelled on the same road.” said Patil in a press conference.”

What Chandrakant Patil wanted to say or waiting for, Is he waiting to happen a big tragedy? Or losing five people due to pothole is normal for him? Will he say the same sentence if one of his family members would have died due to Pothole? According to Chandrakant Patil, how many more people must die to eliminate potholes from Mumbai?

Soon after Prakash’s death, two more accidents happened due to deadly potholes respectively in Bandra or Ambernath. Bandra, a couple were going on  bike when their bike fell in deadly pothole that killed  wife. While in Ambernath accident, Daughter and mother were going somewhere, same incident occurred to them and claimed her mom’s life.
Apart from his son, These two incidents compelled Dadarao Bilhore to do something to avert more incidents in future. The grieving father decided that he would do his best to prevent more such mishaps at least in Mumbai. So he began filling up the potholes. The first pothole that he filled was at Marol Maroshi road in December 2015.

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When Dadarao Bilhore was asked, who is more responsible behind these deaths? Dadarao said, “When we take this matter to BMC they say it does not come under BMC, or if we go to PWD they divert this matter saying BMC or MMRDA is responsible for these potholes. We actually confused where this matter should be taken up and amidst all these politicians play the blame game when the matter is taken up.”

Dadarao elaborated, “After being tired we decided to fill Mumbai’s deadly potholes with the help of Prakash’s friends and family member, we thought after seeing us they will inspire and take up this issue and solve the problem, but it’s been three years since I didn’t even get a single condolence call or message from any government servants.“ While speaking to Dadarao Bilhore said, “I don’t want a publicity or media attention, I only want all potholes to be filled as soon as possible. Because It hurts when I hear a news of accident due to the same reason my son died. I don’t want to lose one more Prakash because losing a son at a very young age is very painful and Prakash was my only son.”

While taking this noble work on his own shoulder he said, “I want my country to be included in the list of Pothole Free India. And for that, I will continue to work till India become pothole free. On the third death anniversary of my son Prakash, we all family member filled dozens of potholes surrounding Mumbai to save another Prakash.”

Mumbai's Deadly Potholes
Ansari Mushtauqe and Irfan Machiwala can be seen filling Mumbai’s deadly Pothole

Irfan Machiwala and Ansari Mushtaque Fill Pothole to Safe Western Express Highway

If we talk about death due to deadly potholes in India, 10 people died every day. Amid the Apathy the story of Dadarao stands as an exemplary and making an impact on the society. After seeing her good deeds two young men named Irfan Machiwali and Ansari Mushtaque took an inspiration from Dadarao Bilhore and started doing the same things that Dadarao Bilhore has been doing from last three years.

The duo Irfan Machiwala and Ansari Mushtaque have taken up this noble cause in their hands ensuring the Western Express Highway safety. Both young men stay in Mahim. While talking to Ansari Mushtaque said, “When we were going to Bandra in April we spotted several deadly potholes adjacent to Western Express Highway then we appealed concern authorities to pay attention but as usual our request of filling all these potholes seemed to have gone in vain.”

What did you do when you did not get a response from BMC to fill potholes in Mumbai?

Irfan Machiwala said, “When we realized they are not going to fill these potholes, we decided to do it our own like Dadarao Bilhore has been doing. On April 14, we started this pothole filing social work and since then we have been filing 20 to 25 potholes every day.”
As we started this social work people from all walks of lives come forward to help us to fill these potholes and make safe roads for bikers and rickshaw. We take two hours a day to fill potholes and make Western Express Highway safe. We use debris to fill the potholes but it may give you relief for a moment it is is not permanent at the end of the day BMC or PWD has to take is seriously let’s see when will they do?

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Dadarao Bilhore, Irfan Machiwala and Ansari Mushtaque working as a Pothole killer, and these potholes are silent killers no one knows when these potholes are going to claim innocent’s lives. If we look at the data these Potholes claim more lives than terrorist attacks happen throughout the country. Do you know10 people dies every day due to deadly pothole but the government does not seem serious in terms of taking action against contractors?
You will be shocked to know, the Mumbai is going to register its name in Guinness World records for having almost 2,0000 deadly potholes. Yes, we are talking about India’s financial capital Mumbai, a dream city. Is this the way BMC is showcasing its financial capital to the world?

Deadly Potholes
Navin Lade

Mumbai’s Deadly Potholes to Enter in Guinness World Record

Being an active citizen of Mumbai, Navin Lade has decided to bring a unique way to shame the authorities and BMC which is one of richest Municipal Corporation in India. Lade has been gathering photos of Mumbai’s deadly potholes, and he has been asked to show at least 20,000 potholes to get it registered in the Guinness World records and Limca Book records for that he has already applied.

Once, Navin Lade gathered said 20, 000 potholes, the authorities from Guinness World Records and Limca will then make a visit to the Mumbai city to verify Lade’s claims. That’s the time this photographic evidence that Lade has been collecting will come in handy, for, by then, it might stop raining and the city’s civic bodies would have cold-mixed the potholes. During official visits by Guinness and Limca, Lade might need to pay for their city expenses from his own pocket.

Deadly Potholes
Girls showing a playcard urging Mumbaikar’s to Share Potholes Pictures

“Every year, the city and its people endure during monsoon. From buildings and bridges falling down to waterlogging and potholes, all of these have led to several casualties. Despite the rising death due to potholes, those who are in power seem unaffected and keep repeating their old promises and assurances every year. Perhaps a dubious distinction of this kind would shame them into action,” Lade said while talking to

Even a team of Navin Lade composed a song urging Mumbaikar’s to share the photos of deadly Photos. To create awareness among Mumbaikar’s  couple of girls are making an efforts to reach out to the public with a video song.



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