Man Ki Baat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has raised voice for the rights of Muslim women in connection with Haj Yatra. After the bill was passed in the Lok Sabha against Triple Divorce, Now Prime Minister has raised this question of Haj Yatra. The practice of women can’t go to Haj pilgrimage without men, is unfair. Since this system has ended women can now go to Haj Yatra without any men, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Man Ki Baat.

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Just a few days back, I understood that a Muslim woman follows a custom with a man to go to Haj Yatra. I was surprised to hear this. But now women can go on the Haj pilgrimage alone. We have made changes to these rules. This year, 1300 Muslim women have applied to go to the Haj Yatra without a male member.

Last Man Ki Baat Of The Year

This discrimination continued even after 70 years of independence. I was surprised to hear how this injustice has happened to Muslim women. After that, I removed the practice. Modi also said that women should also have equal rights with men.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a new-year greeting to the people at the last Man Ki Baat of this year. The year 2018 will be welcomed positively. Young India will be free from caste, terrorism and corruption. Cleanliness is the responsibility of every citizen of the country.  Modi has clarified that the cleanliness campaign will be conducted from January 4 to March 10.

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