Banned on use of plastic products

Plastic Ban in Maharashtra

Maharashtra banned plastic products completely from June. Now penalty will be levied if any plastic is found, used, stored or produced at your place. The raids are started for this in the state including Mumbai.

Due to the lack of adequate alternative of plastic, this law was not imposed completely. The adequate time is given to the manufacturers, traders and retailers. The traders filed a case in a court accusing the state government for not imposing strict law for the large companies. They filed a petition in the court and the next hearing scheduled on July 20. Meanwhile, the Maharashtra government told the court that it has asked all local authorities to make the arrangement for the storage, transportation and disposal of plastic banned items and plastic waste.

In March Maharashtra Government issued the notification to ban the use of plastic products

On March 23, the government had issued notification for the ban on the use, sale, distribution and storage of all plastic materials. This includes bags, spoons, plates, thermal items used once. This notification was challenged by arbitrary restriction, lawfully wrong and violating the fundamental right of livelihood. The court had refused to ban the notification in April.

Maharashtra banned plastic products: What all items have banned the use of plastic products

  • Plastic handle bags / non-handle bags, straws
  • Once used a plastic plate, bowl, glass, forks, knife-spoon, utensils, cans
  • Hats, restaurants and parcel pots for food items of all types of food stalls
  • Non-Oven Polypropylene Bag
  • Pouches and cups for taking tea etc
  • Tharacocell products

How much fines you have to pay if found guilty for using banned plastic products

  • 5 thousand rupees for the first time to be found guilty
  • Rupees ten thousand rupees for the second time
  • 25 thousand rupees and 3 months in prison for the third time convicted

Who will be entitled to conduct the raid and collect fine if found guilty for using banned plastic products

Whenever someone comes to check the plastic, ask them to show the authorization letter related. Those who do not have the authority, do not pay them. Despite the day of the holiday season, the action is being taken to recover the fines on the use of plastic products.

BMC has created a special team of 249 people to collect fine from plastic users in the border area of Mumbai. They have been given a special blue jacket. The penalties for recovering fines have also been issued to them.

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