Kulbhushan Jadhav

Former Indian naval officer Kulbhushan Jadhav, finally met his family. He met with his wife Chetana and mother Avantika. Jadhav was sentenced to death by Pakistan on charges of subversive activities, he met with mother and wife but across a glass wall in Islamabad on Monday. It was for the first time that Jadhav got a chance to meet his family within 21 months of his arrest.

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This was actually a formality of the Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, because they did not allow a face-to-face meeting and put a glass wall in between them. Jadhav has not been allowed to meet his wife and mother directly. They interacted with the intercom through a glass wall. They could see each other, but the room in which Jadhav was kept was sealed with a piece of glass. So speaking and listening was possible only from the intercom.

Meeting video is released by Pakistan

Jadhav Family

After completing the meeting for almost 35 minutes, the Pakistan government released its video. The sound in it (audio) was kept muted. Therefore, we can’t say what the family exactly spoke. It is obvious that the manner in which the Pakistani arrangement was settled for this meeting would have been agreed to hear and record them all at the same time.

Avantika Jadhav

Although assuming that the Jadhav family might have been spoken in Marathi, it is not difficult at the present time to get the interpretation of any language.  Deputy High Commissioner of India, J. P. Singh was supposed to be present at this meet. Pakistan had earlier said that Singh would be allowed to attend. But, he did not appear in the video. It seems that he might have been present outside the room.

There was tight security arrangement as a ‘high security event’. Shooter gunmen were deployed on adjoining buildings by completely shutting down the traffic on the roads leading to the foreign ministry building. Media Representatives and their OB Vans were also blocked at a distance.

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