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The Karnataka assembly elections will be held in April-May. But before that the atmosphere is getting affected. From now on, on social media, Congress and BJP have begun to scam each other. Congress shared a video of 1 minute 19 seconds against BJP on social media. In this video, Congress has mentioned BJP as ‘Beef Janata Party’.

The video has been prepared with the graphics. In the video, there is a double role about ‘Beef’. ‘Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar wants to import beef, Yogi wants to export beef, Union Minister Rijiju wants to eat beef, and some have to sell beef’. This question has been asked by the video shared on Twitter. Why are different aspects of BJP involved in beef?

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BJP Blames Congress & Vice Versa

Meanwhile, BJP’s Karnataka Spokesperson S. Prasad said that Congress is spreading communal disputes. He also said that, “In the beginning, Congress had called us a terrorist party, now they are calling us the Beef Janata Party. Why all this ?. It is an attempt to divide the society, “he said.

On the other hand, Congress expressed anger over the video of Karnataka Chief Minister Siddharamayya for 1 minute 39 seconds. “The video says it has been mixed with blood of Hindu activists in Biryani. Also, this Biryani is said to have been done at Gundu Rao Military Hotel “, the video said. Gundu Rao is the executive president of the state Congress.

Meanwhile, a minute and a half of the video before the two videos was released by the Delhi Congress. Also, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Adityanath was targeted by this video. There are many cases filed against Adityanath, and his Hindutva Agenda was also targeted in this video.

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