AK 203,Make in IndiaIndia’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday laid the Foundation stone to the new plant to manufacture AK 203. It is the latest assault rifle to be launched by Kalashnikov Concern. The predecessor of the AK 203 is the AK 47 the first automatic assault rifle that was built way back in 1945. The AK 47 has been the main assault rifle for Militaries across the world. It has gained so much popularity that it is very popular among the rogue elements too.

The AK 203 will replace the current INSAS rifle that is being used by the Indian Armed forces. The INSAS rifle has its list of drawbacks. It has been considered to be heavy and ineffective in extreme conditions. In Cold weather, it is known to be jam. It also has an Issue that it goes into Auto mode without the user engaging it in that mode. There is also an issue of Oil splashing onto the user’s eyes while one is using it.

AK 203 will replace the Indian made INSAS Rifle currently being used by Indian Army

Another vital issue with the INSAS rifle is that it is built to injure the opponent rather than kill. Which is a huge issue since the Rogue Elements use the AK 47 rifle which is built to kill the opponent. The INSAS rifle magazine is made out of Plastic which makes it crack on impact. The magazine of the INSAS can hold up to only 20 bullets while that of an AK 203 can hold up to 30 bullets.

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Other features that make the AK 203 stand apart is the all-weather durability. It also has the capability of firing 10 bullets per second. Making it one of the fastest machine Guns available. The AK 203 is currently only being used by the Russian Special Forces. The Indian Government along with Russia entered into an agreement to manufacture the AK 203 in India as per the Make in India initiative. Russian President Vladimir Putin had signed the agreement on his last visit to India in October 2018.



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