The deadline (December 31, 2017) to be decided of linking bank accounts with ‘Aadhaar’ number has been increased by the central government by three months on Wednesday. So this connection will have to be done by March 31, 2018.

The Finance Ministry has said that the notification for the new deadline has been fixed by considering the statements made by many and consulted with the Reserve Bank.

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According to the new decision, this term will be of two types. The newly opened bank accounts will have a six-month period from the time of account opening. For other accounts, it will be March 31, 2018.


The result of closure of the account, if not connected, will also be applied after the same two system deadlines. Earlier on Friday, the government had extended the deadline for joining the Pan Card with the support from 31st December to 31st March 2018.

Other deadlines are not changed

As per the government data, 14 crores of 33 crores have been linked to ‘PAN card’. The number of Aadhaar holders in the country is about 115 crores. The government has made these new changes in the connection time when the hearing is expected to start on Thursday.


Before a five-judge bench on the petitions challenging the enforcement of the ‘Aadhaar’ connection. The period for connecting the mobile number to Aadhaar will remain same as February 6, 2018.

The account opened for the benefit of insurance policy, mutual fund, PPF account and government schemes will be added by 31st December only.

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