Donald Trump Paises China

Donald Trump Praises China and Asked Help

United State President Donald Trump on Thursday lavished Praise on China after receiving a grand welcome by the Chinese President Xi Jinping. He Urged Xi Jinping, to work very hard to persuade North Korea to denuclearize.

Donald Trump attended a Meeting along with Xi Jinping which lasted almost two hours. As he came out from the meeting, Trump says, it not China’s fault, for taking an advantage of differences of between the way the two countries do business.

“I don’t blame China,” Trump said during remarks to business leaders inside the Great Hall of the People. “After all, who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country to benefit their citizens? I give great credit to China.”

Donlad Trump Praises China

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Chinese President Xi Jinping Will Lower Market Entry Barriers

In retaliation to US president China said, It will lower the market entry barriers in Insurance and Finance sector. More sectors will be added gradually.

US president Donald Trump has been on the Five Country Marathon tour, which will end on November 14. The worth of $250 bn deals has been announced, but it is still not clear. How much of past deals will be re-announced or not?

While appreciating China, Trump said, China could fix North Korea’s nuclear program quickly and easily. He also said, If we work ward, it will get it done easily.

United State president was more critical of China in July by saying, Beijing was doing nothing for us with North Korea. But, before arriving in Beijing he urged China to sever ties with North Korea.

Donald Trump Praises China

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United State President Blames US Administration

Instead of blaming the USA for unfair and one-sided trade with China, the US leader held former US Administration responsible for that.

China leaders vowed to work hard to get rid of any form of terrorism, drug trafficking, and also healthy and balanced economics in the United States.

According to a report, Donald Trump will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin on November 10. Both the presidents are gearing up for the meeting at Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in the city of Danang.

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