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On 2nd April, Seven years Ago, Dhoni Ended India’s Wait For 28 Years

No Indian fan can forget the day, 2nd April 2011. On this day, India created history at the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. Today, on completion of 7 years to this incidence, people are rewinding the memories. Although the entire match was interesting, the thriller moment came when Mahendra Singh Dhoni hit the six to lead India to victory.

India needed four runs in the last 11 balls. Nuwan Kulasekara was bowling. Still, everyone was in tension that match can turn in anyone’s favor at any time. At the same time, Dhoni smashed a big six within no time and India lifted World Cup after 28 years.

To watch that six by Dhoni, click here

Dhoni and all the Indians were watching that ball in the air till it crossed the boundary line. Then there was only the moment of joy and cheer in the Indian dressing room. After 28 years of waiting, the dream of becoming World Champions came to be true. This win was celebrated as a festival across the country. Today, this victory has completed seven years and now India aiming at another World Cup victory in 2019.

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Finally, The Chinese Space Station Collapsed In Pacific Ocean

The Chinese space station, which was stranded in space, has reportedly collapsed in the Pacific Ocean. After the loss of contact, it was about to collapse on Monday (April 2). Meanwhile, fears that this space station will collapse in Mumbai or Maharashtra has ended. It was also said that this space station could hit the North and South America, China, Middle East, Africa, Australia, parts of Europe, the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean area.

However, all the tension has ended now as the space station collapsed in the Pacific Ocean. After entering the Earth orbit from space, the space station got burnt and its fragments fell into the Pacific Ocean. Tiangong space station is the name of this space station and it was of a size of a bus. In March 2016, its contact with China was disrupted. Since then, it had been wandering in the space. Meanwhile, the space station will not fall in India, ISRO had confirmed earlier.

Protest Against SC/ST Act Turns Violent, Know Here

Several organizations have come together against the verdict given by the Supreme Court regarding relaxation of the Atrocity Act. The leader of the National Dalit Forum and Gujarat’s MLA Jignesh Mevani has appealed for a ‘Bharat Bandh’ on Twitter. The government has called schools off on the back of the bandh in Punjab. Internet service will also not work on Monday (April 2) until night.

Meanwhile, Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad told that the Central Government will file a rethink on Monday against the decision of the Supreme Court on the issue of the Atrocity Act. Many Dalit organizations, including opposition parties, have gathered together against the court’s decision on atrocity.

Several Dalit organizations, including opposition parties, met Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and asked the Supreme Court to review the decision in this regard. Also, some of the BJP’s Dalit leaders have also made this demand. So the central government is likely to file a rethink petition against this decision.

As per new rule, police cannot register any crime without proper investigation under the Prevention of Atrocities Act. The Supreme Court last week gave the important result that police cannot arrest the accused without a written consent of the competent authority, even after a preliminary inquiry. Meanwhile, there have been many reports that the Bandh turned violent all over the Country.

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Petrrol And Diesel Prices Surged Suddenly, Indians Are Not Happy Over This

General public has expressed dissatisfaction with the increase in petrol and diesel prices across the country. People faced a hike in diesel with 7 Rupees and in petrol with 9 Rupees. After the hike on Sunday (April 1st), people are paying Rs 81.59 per liter for petrol and Rs 68.70 for diesel. The first day of the financial year was not so good for common people. Petrol reached the highest rate after three years and 9 months till now. Diesel rates have reached record highs too.

The three government-owned oil companies took the decision last year to change the rate frequently, but most of the time it has only grown. In Mumbai, on 1st July 2014, the petrol went to 81.75 rupees. After that, on 1st April 2018, it reached 81.61 rupees. Other cities in the state are far from the refinery project. So, including the cost of transportation has reached to Rs 82.

On the other hand, diesel has reached a record high. Diesel was priced at Rs 68.77 per liter in Mumbai and Rs 68 to Rs 69 in other parts of the state. The increase in prices may have an impact on the transportation of fruits, vegetables, and cereals, and their rates are likely to rise in the coming period.



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