Kejriwal Attcked BJP

Kejriwal attacked BJP for its Divisive Politics

Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convener Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday accused the Bharatiya Janata Party of dividing the nation in the name of religion. He attacked the BJP by saying they are dividing the nation under the veil of patriotism.
Delhi Chief Minister also said, The BJP has achieved in last three years, what Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) could not have achieved.
Kejriwal said while addressing the workers at the Party’s national to mark the fifth year of its foundation and Ramlila Maidan in the National Capital, “Pakistan’s biggest dream was to divide India into religious lines. Those fake patriots who want to weaken the nation by pitting Hindus against Muslims are actually agents of Pakistan’s ISI.” READ | Gopal Harkishan Loya’s Suspicious Death Raised Many Disturbing Questions, Who Led Sohrabuddin Encounter
While the Kejriwal’s comment did not go down well with the BJP leader and turned them upside down, BJP leader Vijender Gupta said, “Kejriwal’s comments were a reflection of frustration. They have not anything else to do except to criticise Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is reflected in their below-the-belt comments by giving religious color to everything.”

Kejriwal Challenged to Have Done Better Job in Last 70 Years


Meanwhile, the Arvind Kejriwal claimed to have done extraordinary work in Delhi and challenged no government has ever worked like us in past 70 years. Delhi Hospitals have free medicine and test, and cheapest electricity and Water. The face of Public School in Delhi has completely changed.
While addressing about the Gujarat Election, Kejriwal urged people to not to vote for BJP and asked to vote for the Party or a candidate who can defeat BJP in Gujarat.
Kejriwal also did not spare the BJP for its track record on corruption and said they are not less than the Congress. “Vyapam scam, Rafale scam, Birla diaries, Sahara diaries. Even judges are not safe it seems. Just as you had uprooted the Congress, the time for BJP too is coming,” he said.

Kejriwal Says BJP is Also as Same As the Congress on Corruption

“They were so unnerved with our work that they snatched the Anti-Corruption Bureau from us. They sent paramilitary forces – perhaps for the first time in India’s history like this – and they took over the building,” he added.
Arvind Kejriwal was speaking at the place where AAP party born following the mass protest led by Anna Hazare in 2012. On November 26, 2012, Kejriwal along with other activists of the then India Against Corruption movement following differences with Anna Hazare over whether to float a political party or not.

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