The Facebook, which is already in trouble due to user data leakage from quite sometimes and facing criticism worldwide, is again in trouble. Recently there is about 15 million user private posts become public on it won due to some technical error on it’s platform. However,it been  has said that the technical error is identified and fixed. Now no private post will become public on its own.

Let me tell you that, the Facebook has been accused of leaking data and misusing user’s data from quite sometimes. It’s is accused of sharing its user data with commercial and political outfits across the world. Since this news came in light, the Facebook is facing criticism worldwide and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg as admit these allegations and apologised to the world.

There was a bug in the Facebook system for private post becoming public

When this new of privacy came into light, Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan has said that there was a bug in the system and due to this the private post of the user became public on its own. A statement issued by Facebook on Thursday said that when users were posting on Facebook, their posts became public on their own. According to reports, this has happened with around 15 million users.

Many countries already raised privacy issue to Facebook and ask for clarification

Let me tell you that, whenever a user posts on Facebook, user set his privacy preference. If the user has already set his privacy preference, then the post will be viewed by the guided audience as per privacy set.  But due to this technical error when users post information for the closed private group, it’s become public on its own. Ideally, it should have only viewed by the private users of the group. They have said that they have corrected this issue and now on no private post of user become public on its own.

India has also shown strict policy against data leaks. The Ministry of Information and Technology has sent a notice to Facebook and asked to respond by June 20.

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