MarijuanaCannabis is the medical name for Marijuana that is used world wide as a medicinal drug or for recreational purposes. As per studies conducted worldwide consumption of Marijuana is less addictive and Harmful than cigarettes or Alcohol. You may have heard of people dying due to overdose of Alcohol. But never in history has anyone died due to an overdose of Cannabis. Cigarettes on the other hand are believed to cause Cancer and is also the disclaimer on cigarette packets that are sold Worldwide.

While Alcohol has long term effects on the brain Marijuana does not create the same kind of brain condition. It in fact does no harm to the brain in the long run. Alcohol tends to make the user in an intoxicated stage aggressive and indulge in violence. But Marijuana makes the person sublime. The person’s persona is more relaxed, thoughts may however may not be same as when is sober but nonetheless not aggressive or indicative of violence. Clubbed with any other narcotic substance can turn nasty but that is the case with cigarettes and Alcohol too.

Cannabis is also considered to enhance the creative aspect of the brain. No study has ever proved this. But no study has ever been able to understand the Human Bran too. That is one of the reasons artists like Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix etc. have been widely considered to be Musicians who have used Marijuana and created soulful Music.

Marijuana is also popularly known as Weed or Grass worldwide 

Many Countries have acknowledged that Marijuana is less harmful. Even World Health Organization has termed Cannabis to be safer than tobacco or Alcohol. Post 2013 Uruguay was the first country to legalize Marijuana growth consumption and sale. Followed by many developed countries like Canada, Spain, Peru, Australia, Brazil, South Africa and certain states of United States of America. Netherlands has historically never banned Cannabis and allowed commercial sale in small quantities less than 5 grams even in Cafes.

Which does not mean that there is a large consumption of Marijuana in Netherlands. It is in fact more popular among tourists that visit Netherlands than the locals. India has been historically used Marijuana in many forms. Lord Shiva the creator of heaven and earth as per common Hindu belief is believed to be a Cannabis consumer.

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Marijuana is popularly sold as Bhang during the Hindu festivals of Holi and Shivratri. Marijuana cultivated in the hills of Idukki in Kerala is considered to be one of the best cannabis produce in the world. Hence it has been coined ‘Idukki Gold’. Marijuana cultivated in Manali in Himachal is also very popular and is used to prepare Charas or Hashish a by-product of Cannabis. Marijuana was popular in India right until the British rule after which it was banned to promote Scotch and other alcoholic Substances. Time that India reviews the policy on Cannabis and amends the same to make it legal.



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