SymptomsIn most recent times people suffer from many different symptoms. Could be different kinds of aches or pains. Could be a common cold, Fever, diarrhea or just simply being tired all the time could be symptoms of something serious or something extremely silly. What people are doing these days is extremely dangerous. They depend upon the internet to research the kind of symptoms that they are experiencing and take medication based on that advice.

A medical Practitioner has spent four to five years at the very minimum to gain the knowledge to treat a disease or patient. Sometimes they are specialized in a certain field and spend more time acquiring that kind of specialization. A symptom and its cause can only ascertain by a doctor. That is why they ask you multiple questions when you visit them. Based on which they can determine the exact problem.

Symptoms can be complex not everything can be illustrated on the Internet

A medical symptom may have many variations in case of pain. It could be constant pain, radiating pain, acute pain or chronic pain there are several types. Based on which a doctor makes his diagnosis. And Accordingly prescribes suitable medication. It is often things that are embarrassing that you feel shy to visit a doctor. Do not let that stop you from going to a Doctor. Doctors are trained to maintain confidentiality and it is a very important part of their medical ethics.

In a very recent incident in a city of India, a Woman and her newborn child were found dead. In her hand was a Phone which had a Video that showed how to deliver at home when alone. She opted for self-help as she was unmarried and probably no one in her circles knew about her pregnancy. The lady must have been too embarrassed to visit a doctor where questions of her husband could be asked. She lost her life as well as her child’s. That is the extent to which people are using the Internet to seek medical help.

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In today’s online age it is very quick and easy to get information. All you have to do is a search for information on the Internet and most likely you will get what you are looking for. In most cases the information that you get is authentic but there are several times the information can be questionable. It is easy to put information on the Internet but the authenticity is always a grey area. Even a simple blog or post can give you information that can be authentic. But at times it could vary as well.



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