SizzlersIt’s Saturday the end of the week. What is on everyone’s mind is how do we enjoy the weekend. Today we have something unique that you can try out. Although it is not something new it is something that you can definitely try out this weekend. We will be showcasing the Best Sizzlers restaurants that you can visit this weekend in Mumbai.

Sizzler is a dish that was traditionally invented in Japan and moved to the US after World War II. It became very Popular after that all throughout the US. What was traditionally done in the US is that Steaks were taken and prepared with High heat which would scorch the outside and leave the inside moist and juicy. Once it was served on the Plate onto the table it would still leave out a significant amount of steam making a hissing noise which is what it was most popular for.

In India however the concept is somewhat different. What is typically done is a wooden plank is used. Above it there is a Hot Metal plate. Water is poured in between the plank and the plate to create smoke and a hissing sound that is created as the steam goes up. What is served on the Plate could defer from place to place. Mostly meat, Salad, Mashed Potatoes or even a little bit of Rice.

Let’s Look at the Top 3 restaurants that serve Sizzlers in Mumbai

Kobe Sizzlers

This is an exclusive Sizzler restaurant but do serve other light dishes too. It is quite famous and has branches all over Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. There are branches in other countries as well. They serve decent size portions and are a big Hit among its patrons. They started their first outlet in Opera House in 1975 and after on expanded

Yoko Sizzlers

Opening its first outlet in Santa Cruz it quickly evolved into a chain that was available in every Corner in and around Mumbai. It is the only other chain that gives competition to Kobe in Mumbai. They too have a vast menu more comprehensive compared to the competition. Chicken, Mutton and Seafood Shashlik Sizzler is their specialty and most popular sizzler that people who visit order

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Pop Tate’s or Jughead’s

This is again a chain that is present in most parts of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. These are actually two separate chains but were primarily one when they started in Four Bungalows in Andheri. The theme is that of Archie’s Comics. It is, however, not an exclusive sizzler restaurant it is more of a resto-pub. There are a few sizzlers on the menu that is very tasty and extremely popular.



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