Holi ColoursIn less than 24 hours you would be drenched in water. And smeared with different kinds of Colours. What you really don’t want is looking colourful even days after the celebrations are over. It is very common to see people with parts of colour that is left over on their dace especially around the ears and neck. Although the Holi colours that you get today claim to be Herbal and organic. Colours can be stubborn to leave the body.

It is a very old and sensible saying precaution is always better than cure. So, do exactly the same thing. Before you step out to play Holi or Rang Panchami. Wash your hair with a good conditioner and mild shampoo. After which apply Coconut oil or Olive oil generously in your hair. Same with the face using a good facial cleanser and wash your face. After which you can apply a lot of moisturizers to keep your skin Moist. This will help Colour not entering your skin and hair. Which can be easily washed once you back home from the celebrations.

Remedies that can work to clean off the stubborn Holi Colours

The foremost thing is not to use Soap or shampoo immediately when you take a bath after playing Holi. Rinse your hair and body with plain water and nothing else. Do not use hot water as that can tend to the colour entering your skin.

Use these tips to ensure that you remove all the Holi colours from your hair

Make a hair pack by soaking few fenugreek seeds or methi in four table spoons of curd. Keep it on your hair for 30 minutes then wash it away with a mild shampoo.

You can also apply egg yolk on your hair and scalp after which let it remain for thirty minutes then wash it off with a mild shampoo

You can also use lemon. Take 1 table spoon lemon mix it with curd and apply it to your hair wash with shampoo after thirty minutes.

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Use these tips to ensure that you remove all the Holi colours from your skin

Do not use soap to remove the colours from your skin instead use a cleanser that will do a better job. Post that use generous amounts of Moisturizing Cream

You can also use a mixture of Besan and Milk to get rid of the colour.



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