RapeRape is considered to be one of the most heinous crimes that can be committed against an Individual. It’s an act that can be life altering for the victim. It is an attack on the Modesty of women. A person involved in such a gruesome act should be punished by all means and should not be spared. In the growing incidents of rape in our Country, there is a call for stricter laws.

Rape is a crime which is a non-bailable offense. Which ensures that the person who is involved in such a crime is not spared. However, there is a flipside to this as well. Women often use the act of Rape or molestation to falsely accuse men of such an act. It probably is an easy way for a woman to seek revenge from a man for whatever must have gone wrong between them.

It has recently come into light that the Supreme Court acquitted two men of the Crime that they had not committed. But the irony of the whole situation was that the two men had spent the majority of their time in Jail. They were innocent but still spent the prime of their lives in captivity for a crime they had not committed. While there was no action that was taken against the women who falsely accused them.

Accusations of Rape done to seek Vendetta

In the film Industry, it is a common practice where women go to any extent to build their careers in the first place. When they do not get what they are looking for they play the Rape card. This affects the reputation of the Man that is being accused as well as his Career in certain cases. Since the Law on Rape is swift and strict and in most cases the word of the woman is sufficient as evidence it can be widely misused.

There was an Instance of a girl who posted a Picture of a Man on Facebook falsely accusing him of Molestation. While people who witnessed the incident had a different story to tell. The Man lost his reputation and had to go through the long process of the Law. While there was a case registered against the Man. The woman or so-called victim has not appeared for a single hearing of the case.

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The law needs to see both sides of the story before a judgment can be ruled out. Although women need to be protected from such atrocious crimes. The Law and order machinery has to be more responsible. If a woman has used these Laws falsely against a man. The Woman should be penalized so that innocent people don’t have to suffer. Moreover, it will also ensure that there is no misuse of such a Law.



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