FlipkartWe all know about the scam emails that we have received from various companies across the globe. Branded emails claiming huge amounts of Money that you have won in an online lottery. When you contact the nos or emails mentioned in the email. There is a whole process they ask you to follow and eventually ask for a processing fee which seems nominal to the amount that you have actually won. Same is the Case with Flipkart scam where they offer you a Car or cash equivalent to the price of the car. The catch is the processing fee or service charge.

However, the Flipkart scam is a little more elaborate and the con is more convincing.  You will first receive an SMS from almost the exact same message that resembles an actual message that Flipkart sends. It is hard to distinguish whether the message is from Flipkart or not. So that itself makes you a soft Target. Secondly, there is a Toll-free no that is mentioned in the SMS. Which will convince you further that you have actually received a message from Flipkart.

Even TrueCaller displays the Number as Flipkart Online Shopping

The Toll-free No does not belong to Flipkart. If you call the Toll-Free no it is directed to a fraudulent call center. They tell you that you have the option of claiming the car or you can take the Cash equivalent to the amount of the car. They will then ask you for your banking details to be sent via WhatsApp if you choose the Cash option. Additionally, they will ask you to send across Rs. 6500/- as a service charge that is required to process the request. The same is mentioned in the SMS as well.

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It is very evident that after you pay the amount for the service charge you do not get anything in return. The only chances are you will be called up further more and more demands of money being asked on various other pretexts. As they know that you are now gullible and have fallen in their Trap. Do not fall for such Ponzi scams. The thought of getting easy money is the biggest bait fraudsters across the world use to trap you. So, beware and be responsible after all it is your hard earned money don’t part with it so easily.



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