Mahesh Anand Gavin Packard Savi Sidhu Mika 1Bollywood is an Industry where you either need to be right up there or you will be easily forgotten. Fans forgetting is a far fetched thought the very own industry does not care about you. In a recent story where a talented actor was seen doing the Job of a security guard. It was just that he did not get any work from Bollywood that he had to take up the job of a security officer. Similar stories have occurred with many actors.

Savi Sidhu is, in fact, one of those lucky ones that were spotted probably in the nick of time. Unlike several of his other peers who have gone down the drain. It is not uncommon for actors and actresses to see miserable lives once they move out of the glam of Bollywood. First, they stop getting work since there are millions that are available for the same job. Then due to depression indulge in Drugs and alcohol which they have already been addicted thanks to the ills of Bollywood.

Mika saved Savi Sidhu just before he could have a fate like Gavin Packard or Mahesh Anand

However, In the case of Savi Sidhu he did take up a job which may not have all that glamour and glitz. But in its own way was respectable. There were many such Bollywood Actors that did not have the same fate as Savi Sidhu. To name a few does anyone remember Gavin Packard. The name will definitely not ring a bell. But his description will sure do he was this actor with European looks who always played the role of a Villain or a henchman of a Villain. Since he was a foreigner most of his roles were also of a foreigner.

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He had a chiseled body and a good physique. He was one who suddenly disappeared. Only upon his death did the world come to know that he died. The turmoil that he faced after the lights of Bollywood stopped shining on him. Another such actor was Mahesh Anand who has done several Hindi Movies as a Negative character alongside big names of Bollywood. He too died a tragic death There were even reports that claimed that he was a part time male escort. You think only girls end up in prostitution think again. Such is the grim reality of the dark side of Bollywood.



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