Water ShortageThe summer is here temperatures are at an all time high. Last years rainfall also was not up to the mark. Even though June July saw sufficient rainfall months of August and September hardly saw any rain. With the lakes reaching a capacity of just 26% when the monsoon is more than a month away water shortage is imminent. Mumbai receives its water supply from seven lakes that surround Mumbai which are Bhatsa, Tulsi, Vihar, Middle Vaitarna, Modak Sagar, Tansa and Upper Vaitarna. Lakes like Hatsa also share the water with adjoining municipalities like Bhiwandi and Thane.

Last year around the same time the reserves in the lakes were much higher. It was almost 40% that was the reason why Mumbai did not face any water shortage last summer. This year the BMC has already started cutting water supply by 10%. Which could go much higher with the onset of summer. Rising heat will also result in water that will rapidly evaporate depleting the stocks that we currently have.

Water Shortage requires to be dealt with ideal water conservation techniques

Water conservation is the need of the hour. We can expect a big hit in the supply of water in the days to come. Moreover, global weather organizations have already predicted that the monsoon this season will see less than average rainfall. Meaning that Lakes will not fill to its capacity after this monsoon. Which will create a shortfall in the months to come. So, it is not just till the summer that we need to be worried about. But the months after monsoon will also be grim.

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With BMC reducing supply Mumbai will have to depend upon water tankers to fulfill the daily needs. It is quite often that we leave the tap running when it is not required wasting a lot of water. That habit has to be curtailed. Mumbai will have to adopt a lot of water conservation practices otherwise it won’t be able to survive the water shortage that is obvious in the near future.



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