BEST,MumbaiBEST is the lifeline that Lakhs of people in Mumbai use as a mode of commute for their daily travel. Even though the Suburban railway sees the highest number of commuters. People take the BEST to travel up to the station from their homes and Offices and vice versa still the organization is bleeding by the day. At peak hours getting into a Bus is almost impossible. The buses are packed beyond capacity.

It is an affordable mode of transport. Most people living in the city do not have the luxury of owning their own mode of transportation. It is only the affluent that travel in Taxis and Auto Rickshaws as they turn to be expensive for the average Mumbaikar. The Bus ride costs only a fraction of the amount that you would pay if you travel by Taxi or an Auto.

BEST also supplies electricity to the Southern Part of Mumbai. The Power Business performs well and compensates the losses that are being incurred by the transport department. BEST authorities have blamed the Metro work for reduced speeds that the buses need to ply on. There isn’t sufficient space on the roads making it difficult for the BEST Buses to navigate.

BEST losses are 83 Lakh per day.

As per records, there are 25 Lakh commuters that use buses on a daily basis. The organization operates a fleet of more than 3000 buses. Just by simple mathematics, there are more than 900 people that travel by a single bus on multiple trips. Which is a significantly high amount. Yet the BEST undertaking is making loses of 83 Lakh per day.

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What is the exact problem needs to be studied. BEST has also stopped the Air-conditioned buses that saw few commuter’s taking it due to higher prices. While traveling long distance and Short Distances buses are more preferred compared to Rickshaws and Taxi only due to its affordability. It needs an audit that can make one understand what is going wrong fundamentally.



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