Bank Chor, a film that has been long, very long in the making, has finally seen the lights of the day. Directed by Bumpy, who earlier made Luv Ka The End (2011), helms this comedy about a bank robbery gone wrong.

Comedian Kapil Sharma was signed on to play the lead role alongside Vivek Oberoi, but due to some unknown circumstances, was replaced by Riteish Deshmukh.

The trailer just hit the internet and received quite a few positive responses. Taking an amusing inspiration from the thieves of the Dhoom franchise, Deshmukh and his gang, comprising of two nondescript cohorts, decide to rob a bank but things turn topsy-turby with a cop, Amjad Khan, hot on their trail.

The most hilarious portion actually consists of Baba Sehgal’s hilarious shayari and it’s a delight to watch him on the big screen again, after like ages.

Releasing on the 16th of June, Bank Chor may deliver enough bang for your bucks.

Here’s the trailer-