Ever thought how does it feel to be trapped inside your own house ? 
This dangerously scary question is the basic idea behind Vikramaditya Motwane’s TRAPPED. A man, in a turn of events and unfortunate circumstances, is locked in his own apartment, with the keys hanging outside the door. With no network and food and a completely desolated residence, he’s mentally and physically TRAPPED.
This 2 minute trailer has enough power and grip to hold your attention and immediately transport you to the world of its protagonist.
The thought itself is frightening, and the eerie camerawork only quadruples the scare.
There couldn’t have been a better choice for its leading man than Rajkumar Rao. Known for sinking his teeth completely into his characters and delivering flesh-and-blood performances, TRAPPED is all set to be another gem in his spectacular repertoire.
And with Motwane behind the lenses, expect some rousing and shocking moments. The man who gave us such priceless cinematic experiences like Udaan and Lootera, it seems his third film is all set to dazzle and disturb us in equal measure.
Opening at the cinemas on the 17th of March, this is one film you wouldn’t regret getting Trapped into.