Malegaon Municipal Corporation Election which was scheduled to be held on 24 May, 2017, as  people claimed this election witnessed a much chaotic voting scenario due to disorganized management  and ineffective services at voting polling booth. The election was evident in the money distributing to influence the voter to cast their vote in their favor by many party workers. Despite the sweltering heat voting turnover was recorded 59.52 per cent, according to presiding officer Ravindra Jagtap and counting will be done on May 26.

Amidst the number of issues the major problem was to find out their names in the voting list and trace their polling booth owing to change the system of cutting down the 84 wards into 21. This was the first time in the Malegaon Panel wise election was held, in which each voter has to cast four votes to elect four members of the wards.

The election in Malegaon was only held on 83 seat because keshwari Khatoon of the Congress Party had been elected to new body unopposed.Malegaon is not known or notorious when it comes to money distributing and bribing voter during election but it has been becoming more brazen as election had passed.

On the eve of 24 May, the huge crowd was caught in distributing the money and bribing voter to influence them to cast their vote in their favor. Every nook and corner of Malegaon were bustling with activities. Rs 500 to 3000 per vote were distributed by party workers in the street corner to the voter to avoid visible cash distribution. The exchange took place in the dark and mostly at secret location.

This election was much in speculation because of many aspects like, Saffron Party had fielded almost  36 Muslim candidates and this is the first time when Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has fielded its candidate in Muslim dominated or Malegaon eastern parts of the City. Janata Dal Party and Nationalist Congress Party had formed an alliance and entry of All India Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen in the Malegaon Municipal Election.

There was a mob of supporters of various political parties who were influencing voters at the entrance of the polling booth. The police then removed all of them and did not allow anyone to enter the area.

Ansari Ashfaque, resident of Awami Nagar had to wait up to two hour and had to juggle from one polling booth to another, but could not cast his vote as his name was missing from the list.” this is the first time I have faced such a mess I have voted previously. In the earlier election my name has always been there this time i was shocked to find it missing.”

Finally the election was over with the small conflict between the rival parties and massive police deployed on the polling booth. Let see what would happen on May 26, which political party will rule on the Malegaon Municipal Corporation.