Maverick filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt received a call from an anonymous caller on the 26th of Feb, 2017. Refusing to reveal his identity, the caller ordered Bhatt to deposit a staggering sum of over 50 lacs in a Lucknow-based bank branch. Failing to do so, he would have to pay a hefty price for it. He went on to threaten to shower his wife Soni Razdan and daughter Alia Bhatt with bulletsĀ if his demands aren’t fulfilled.
Doing the needful, Mr. Bhatt immediately filed a case under Sec 387 (causing a person to fear death or grievous hurt, to commit extortion) with the Anti-Extortion Cell of the Mumbai Police.
According to the reports, the culprit has been identified and detained.
This horrific incident comes as a huge shock to the Hindi film industry as these threading calls had surfaced somewhere in November 2014 as well. Right from Shahrukh Khan to Akshay Kumar, no actor could hide from the evil eyes of the Underworld.
With the Mumbai Police being active and extremely vigilant, hope the masterminds behind these heinous crimes are immediately thrown behind bars.