So what is it with Indian cinema/television and its inability to create a compelling fictional tale on the sport of cricket?

Inside Edge Poster
This is what happens when Bollywood stops calling!

Okay, so I know Lagaan is an Oscar nominated film but that is a special exception to the norm.

Especially when it comes to depicting cricket in its modern and realistic context, we just seem to fail to do so.

It’s like watching an inexperienced Indian player facing fast pace Australian bowling, on a green wicket.

It’s an Out!

The initial excitement to Amazon Prime’s collaboration with top class filmmakers, just died down with the launch of the Inside Edge.

Inside Edge, is supposed to be an edgy [pun intended] look see into the game of IPL and it’s premier team;

In this case the Mumbai Mavericks.

While the TV show takes obvious liberties with names, events, people and dramatic content;

The show’s trailer suggests a hodge podge of terrible, headline grabbing style of film-making that looks to shock with style.

But denies viewers any substance!

Excel Entertainment is known for great content, the trailer puts that into question

At the center are a collective of talents mouthing horrendous dialogues and providing for Madhur Bhandarkar style exploitative content on screen.

The series will feature a loud and shrill Richa Chadda, along with a consistently scowling Angad Bedi (at least he is consistent with one expression) to a paycheck hungry Sanjay Suri.

To top it off we have Vivek Oberoi, using some oxygen breathing tank; possibly to get some life back in his lungs.

After featuring in this dead product to save his equally dead career!

The fact that Excel Entertainment is behind this shoddy product, is a sign that the company has lost its way.

Excel promises to show us the game behind the game.

Vivek Meme
Vivek Oberoi is seeking a career resurrection…he best make sure it’s not another run out!

Rather just like Indian TV on the aptly named ‘Idiot box’;

Excel is also disappointingly looking to play a game with its viewers.

If this is what is on store for us with Indian Original Content from Amazon Prime?

Well then, I’ll just Netflix and Chill!