Romance; Well, the word itself says it all.Bollywood Romantic Movies and Songs has always us given the Desired Feeling.Now when it comes to cinema in India, it has also helped in bringing broken hearts together and even moving on. The best part is that it is not only in Hindi particularly but in various languages too which have been able to match the mood brilliantly.

Here is the list of Top 10 Indian Romantic Movies including the Bollywood Romantic Movies .(Though its tough to list the Top 10 ones!)


10. PREMAM (Malayalam/ 2015/ Alphonse Puthren)

 Another modern-day classic, the film follows the life of a youngster (Nivin Pauly) who encounters romance in the three phases of his life; adolescence, youngster, and a responsible businessman. How he encounters them and where does his journey ends forms the rest of the film. A contemporary take with poetic narration, backed by powerful editing by the director himself, “Premam” stands as one of the best romantic films churned out by Southern cinema in entirety in recent times.

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa

9. VINNAITHANDI VARUVAYA (Tamil/ 2010/ Gautham Vasudev Menon)

This modern-day classic revolved around an engineering graduate cum aspiring filmmaker who is a Hindu (Silambarasan) and an IT worker who is a Christian (Trisha Krishnan). Class and Creed differences, cinematic influences, cinematography (Manoj Paramhamsa) and scoring (A. R. Rahman) make VTV (as it is fondly called) one of the modern Indian romantic classics.


8. SAIRAT (Marathi/ 2016/ Nagaraj Manjule)

All shades of Love shown beautifully under one cinematic platter…right from attraction to destruction with the characters every second youngster could relate to…what else does one need? Depicted under the backdrop of class-divide, the film beautifully portrayed two young lovers struggling to find their destination which follows right from their blossoming to end. Marathi Cinema could not have been this sweeter!

dilwale dulhania le jayenge ddlj

7. DILWALE DULHANIYA LE JAYENGE (Hindi/ 1995/ Aditya Chopra)

SRK, Kajol…Yash Raj Films…well…this sums it all! Showcasing the beautiful European and Punjab locales, the film is still remembered for it is a youthful charm, dialogues (Senorita…remember?) performances, and the scoring too.It is said to be one of the Best Bollywood Romantic Movie till date.

mouna ragam

6. MOUNA RAAGAM (Tamil/1983/ Mani Ratnam)

One of the romantic gems of Indian Cinema, the film dealt with an arranged married couple where the wife (Revathy) doesn’t gel well with the husband (Murali) as she is past-stricken about her relationship with a slain young communist leader (Karthik). How do they come to mutual terms forms the rest of the story? The National Award winning Tamil film was praised for it is approach within couples in a cinematic way, performances and music score (Illayaraja again).


5. PYAASA (Hindi/ 1957/ Guru Dutt)

It is impossible to have this list without this film which followed by a struggling poet (Guru Dutt) trying to make a fortune in the post-independence era where he is rejected by the society but encounters a prostitute (Waheeda Rahman) who has a heart of gold. Damn…you can now imagine how beautiful this film is!

Moondram Pirai

 4. MOONDRAM PIRAI (Tamil/ 1982/ Balu Mahendra)

Also remade in Hindi as “Sadma (1983) ,” the film starred Kamal Haasan and Sridevi and focused around a city man healing a mentally-disabled girl who is followed by a series of events that lead to a tragedy. Riveting performances, great direction and classic score by Illayaraja make the film one of the romantic classics in Indian Cinema.

Lamhe 3. LAMHE (Hindi/1991/ Yash Chopra)

A modern-day classic by Yash Chopra, the film dealt with a relationship between a middle-aged man (Anil Kapoor) and a young girl who is the daughter of the woman he loved (Sridevi in a double role). Brilliant scripting, editing, performances and music score makes “Lamhe” one of the most beautiful romantic films in Indian Cinema.

Shree 420

2. SHRI 420 (Hindi/1955/Raj Kapoor)

The moment you hear or see the name of the film itself, the song “Pyaar Hua Iqraar Hua” will instantly hit your mind chords which are even now listened to fondly.  Raj Kapoor and Nargis’s chemistry, a contemporary subject and the music by Shankar-Jaikishan. Well…enough said.


1. MUGHAL-E- AZAM (Hindi/ 1960/ K. Asif)

You just can’t beat this film concerning it’s content and even canvas! Set during the 16th Century Mughal Empire, the film follows the love story between Salim and Anarkali which doesn’t go well with the then Mughal Emperor Akbar. Along with the technical brilliance and riveting performances, the film is fondly remembered for it’s chemistry between Dilip Kumar and Madhubala where the music composed by Naushad added a solid topping that makes it a timeless classic even now!