Since its inception, Indian Cinema regardless of the boundaries and barriers has always given us some of the finest films which has not only touched all themes and issues but also touched the heartstrings of people of all cycles of life alike. As a result of what, most of the films have been financially successful, but some of them couldn’t see the light of success. However, some of them made a special place into the hearts of the masses in the future years that paved the way for being a Cult-Classic.

ThePost24 churns out the Top 10 Indian Cult Classics which the Indian Cinema. has gifted us in these 100 years (And salute those endless gems who couldn’t make  and yet do deserve a special place in the list!)


10. SWADES (Hindi/ Ashutosh Gowariker/ 2004)

A NASA scientist returns to his find his roots and decides to settle in them for the uplifting of his society’s situations a great theme portrayed in a subtle manner which had SRK in one of his career’s bests. The film did well at the overseas but didn’t meet with the same fate at home. However, SRK’s performance, the theme, direction as well as the music score made the film a classic among the youth as well as the Indian Diaspora which has brought them back to work for the country development since them.

angeepath 1990

9. AGNEEPATH (Hindi/ Mukul Anand/1990)

“American Gangster” and “Scarface” got a Desi Tadka in this film which highlighted on a deserted boy who later on becomes the ganglord of his area to avenge his father’s humiliating death. The dialogues, characters played by Amitabh Bachchan and Mithun Chakraborty and the screenplay are fondly remembered even now, with the former winning a National Award for Best Actor despite the film being bombed!


8. IRUVAR (Tamil/ Mani Ratnam/ 1997)

Widely considered as the director’s best work till date, the film highlighted the chemistry between Tamil Cinema and Dravidian politics on the backdrop of the friendship of a screenwriter turned politician, and an actor turned politician. Loosely based on the relationship between Erstwhile Chief Minister and Matinee Idol MG Ramachandran and Writer and Veteran politician M. Karunanidhi, the film was scrapped from theaters due to political parties though making it a below-average fare, However, it picked up mass popularity and earned a massive cult following among the Tamils around the world and also a lesson in filmmaking for many aspiring filmmakers in India and abroad for its Kiewoloski-inspired editing techniques and symbolism, cinematography, music score and direction too.

andaz apna apna

7. ANDAAZ APNA APNA (Hindi/ Rajkumar Santoshi/1994)

It’s impossible to think this list without the mention of this film which also comes as one the best Comedy films ever made in Indian Cinema. Revolving around two youngsters coming to woo rich girls, the film gave us a laugh riot with some of the memorable scenes, characters and dialogues which despite being a disaster at the Box office during its time of its release, is widely seen even now by people of all life cycles alike.

anbe sivam

6. ANBE SIVAM (Tamil/Sundar .C/2003)

A major cult-classic, this Tamil film revolved around a journey between a youngster and a middle-aged Humanist man which unfolds the backstory of the latter that addressed issues such as atheism, communism, capitalism, altruism, globalization and also the clash of these ideas and thoughts. The film, shot on a limited budget was widely appreciated for its daring theme, script, and performances.


5. LAMHE(Hindi/ Yash Chopra/1991)

Considered as his personal favorite, one of the brilliant filmmakers of Indian Cinema Yash Chopra made this film revolving around the relationship between a middle-aged man and a teenager girl. Considered as “ahead of its times,” the film picked up a heavy cult following for its direction, score and moreover the brilliance of Sridevi who became a rage through the film with her double role, along with “Chandani” and “Sadma.”

Mera Naam Joker

4. MERA NAAM JOKER (Hindi/ Raj Kapoor/1970)

Raj Kapoor considered this film as his personal favorite as a ‘weak kid is a slightly more adored kid than the rest.’ With six years of production and 255 minutes of the original footage, the film was heavily panned for its length (which resulted in two intervals too!) and even the plot. However, the film gained up cult success, resulting in another theatrical release with 184 minutes which gained financial success.

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro

3. JAANE BHI DO YAARON (Hindi/ Kundan Shah/1983)

One of the best comic satires made ever in Indian Cinema that revolved around two struggling photographers and their fight against the land sharks and the system. With a great cast of actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Neena Gupta and Pankaj Kapoor, the film is fondly remembered for its direction, dialogues and especially the climax Mahabharat scene which also had the famous filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra in a small role!


2. THOOVANTHUMBIKAL (Malayalam/ Padmarajan/1986)

An above average during it is release; the film, later on, ended up being the Cult Classic with the heaviest following for a Malayalam film which dealt with the dilemma of a young bachelor between two beautiful women he is in a relationship with. The screenplay, scoring as well as the lead entirely played by Mohanlal made the film a rage especially among the youth and the lodges and bars the actor in Kerala visits in the film sees significant footfalls even now after the film became a rage.

Kagaz ke Phool

1. KAAGAZ KE PHOOL (Hindi/ Guru Dutt/1959)

The film was a semi-autobiographical of the Director himself which also showed his relationship with the film’s actress Geeta Dutt in real-life who also lent her voice in some of the iconic songs of the movie. The film was such a huge disaster that then Indian president Dr. Rajendra Prasad walked out of the theater during the film’s first half at the premiere show! The film is widely remembered for its in-depth screenplay, brilliant cinematography, humane characters, soulful score and enjoys a huge following internationally in France and Japan too!