It seems the bug of biopics perpetually bites the Hindi film industry.

Currently, every filmmaker’s fantasy, it seems this practice will never cease to amaze and excite our directors.

With already as many as five made in 2016NEERJA, AZHAR, SARBJIT, BUDHIA SINGH and M.S. DHONI, the hushed whispers suggest that we are prepared for one more.

This time, it’s someone who has made our nation proud at the Indian Olympics. It is nobody else but Murlikant Petkar. Gifted with the ability to effortlessly balance five Sports- Swimming, Shot put, Javelin, Slalom and Table Tennis, he can surely be an inspiration for one and all.

Disabled during the 1965 war against Pakistan, he switched go swimming and other sports.

He won an individual gold medal at the 1972 Paralympics, in Heidelberg, Germany. He set a World Record in the 50m freestyle swimming event, at 37.33 seconds. In the same games, he participated in javelin, precision javelin throw and slalom. He was a finalist in all three events.

With such an emotionally heartwarming and inspiring story, this man’s tireless and fearless unquestionably deserves to be portrayed on the celluloid.

If reports are to be believed, he shall be played by our very own cinematic Dhoni, i.e., Sushant Singh Rajput.

The way the actor has managed to look like a replica of Captain Cool, we all can fairly assume that he would pull off the role of this famous Olympian with equal aplomb and tenacity.

Moreover, it is high time that Hindi filmmakers tapped into the lives of our unsung heroes, who never received their dues and credits.

And if this idea is taken ahead, Mr. Rajput shall become one of those few performers, to star in 2 biopics.

Now that is what we call sometime HATKE.

Go Bollywood, pay a perfect homage to Mr. Petkar.