I’m less heroine and more hero in my story”

Taapsee Pannu

What makes the actor say that? You may wonder. What happened with Taapsee isn’t only shocking but also shameful. We are in the second decade of the 21st century but even today, there are some people who haven’t evolved into mankind. They, I guess, continue to be ruthless and merciless animals.

Eve-teasing has always been rampant in our country, particularly in the capital, New Delhi.
However, when the male sex crosses all the boundaries and limitations and resorts to something as horrific and unpardonable as molestation, it shows it’s time to take action and retaliate.

Narrating one such unfortunate incident, Taapsee Pannu poured her heart out and courageously spoke how she almost became a victim of this heinous crime.

” I was going to a Keertan in Delhi where in the middle of the crowd, I felt a guy trying to poke me from behind. I grabbed his finger and twisted it so hard that he winced in pain.”

All we have to say is that Well Done Taapsee!
You’re truly a glimmer of hope for all the women out there, who suffer from this traumatic experience almost on a daily basis.
All these instances also signal out that it’s high time the Indian Government took some initiatives and made Self-Defense compulsory for all the girls in the all educational institutions across the country.

As far as the issue is concerned, it’s not only Pannu who has suffered from the pain. A lot of female actors have come out and bravely spoken about going through that agony.
Kalki Koechlin shocked the nation when she revealed she was a victim of sexual abuse in her childhood. Sonam Kapoor confessed that an anonymous man held her breasts from the back when she was 13. And more recently, Disha Patani was being voyeuristically gazed at an Award function.
Writing a letter and sharing it on social media, the actor stated that the mindset needs to change, not the attire of a woman.

We all are proud of these powerful and fearless women, who have the nerves and the valor to openly speak about the issue. If not on the world of reels, they are unquestionably inspiring figures in the real world.