Success can be cheerful and be contending, but when taken to head, can be an absolute catastrophe. That is exactly what has happened with ace comedian Kapil Sharma

After his alleged war-of-words with actor/comedian Sunil Grover on a flight from Australia to India, he publicly apologized to Grover via his Twitter account. Confessing to having shouted at him for the first time in five years, Sharma was apologetic about the unfortunate and unpredictable incident.

Grover, however, seemed in no mood to be soft-hearted. He expressed his anger and anguish over Kapil’s unpardonable behavior. “Don’t act like God,” was one of his statements that he shared on social media.

Now, if reports are to be believed, two very crucial characters have bid adieu to the show. Ali Asgar, immensely popular as Nani and Chandan Prabhakar, the domestic help, have reportedly called it quits. When some reporters tried to contact Prabhakar, the actor disconnected the phone after stating he was busy and couldn’t shoot for the episode on that day.
However, the sources close to the channel have released a statement where they have refuted any such reports. “None of the artists are quitting the show,” they said. “Ali Asgar and ┬áSunil Grover were in Chandigarh, and that is why they could not shoot for the episode.”
Whatever the truth is, there’s no smoke without fire, and somewhere down the line, Grover, Asgar, and Prabhakar seem to be hurt with Sharma’s style of working and bizarre outbursts.
Till then, here’s hoping we can see Raju, Nani and Dr. Mashoor Gulathi on The Kapil Sharma Show again.