Just a few days after sparkling a huge controversy and debate on social media and in the entire country by calling Azaan a “Forced Religiousness”, ace singer Sonu Nigam has shaved off his head. The reason being a price money declared by a Maulavi of West Bengal worth Rs. 10 Lacs, for anyone who shaves Nigam bald.

A report by DNA confirmed the news on it’s twitter account-

Unperturbed by any political or religious threats, the singer did the honors on his own and fearlessly flaunted his bald head. Calling the press at his home today around 2 pm, he clarified that his tweets were misconstrued, taken out of context and blown completely out of proportion. Here’s what he tweeted when informed about such a price money-

With Nigam standing by what he tweeted and felt about the issue, let’s see what twist awaits him next.