Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam landed in trouble on Monday morning for his controversial tweets. The singer took to Twitter early in the morning when he found himself woken up by the morning Azaan from a mosque presumably near his house. The singer was apparently so displeased by the sound of Azaan that he termed it as “forced religiousness”. Nigam then went on a Twitter rant as he put out a series of tweets on the subject. Here’s a look-

It’s not only baffling but also extremely disheartening to see somebody of Sonu Nigam’s stature stoop to such irresponsible and vacuous thoughts and tweets. Calling a religious practice a forced religiousness isn’t just a disgrace to the Muslims but it also puts a big question mark on the singer’s beliefs and opinions.

Azaan will always continue to exist, Mr.Nigam, you are a millionaire, buy a new house, far away from a mosque and enjoy your morning sleep peacefully.

Until then, you should realize the fact that prayers are far more crucial than slumbers.