23rd March, 1931– This date shall always be searingly etched in our minds.
It was on this day that three of our most heroic freedom fighters were hanged till death,
Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru.

It shall never be adequate for the country to repay the sacrifices and struggles the aforementioned freedom fighters went through. Fearlessly raising their voices against the British rule, they still continue to be the most inspiring and unparalleled figures in Indian History.

The glory of Bhagat Singh has been adapted into many cinematic experiences. So today, when the whole nation celebrates Shaheed Diwas, its time to go back in history and recall the three actors who pumped life into this historic martyr.

Devgn, who won a National Award for his portrayal of Singh, not only delivered his career-best with this film, but also made the audiences believe he could be Bhagat Singh. With the right blend of emotions, anguish and patriotism, Devgn communicated more with his eyes than jingoistic dialogues. Although a commercial failure, Rajkumar Santoshi’s depiction of India’s freedom struggle and the valiant spirit of the three revolutionaries still continues to be a rousing experience. And yes, atop lies the leading man’s intense impersonation.

Despite the fact that the driving force of Rang De Basanti was the leading man Aamir Khan, Siddharth’s portrayal of the Shaheed Bhagat Singh had an equally poignant and powerful impact. Aimlessly loitering around in college and completely callous towards the sacrifices of India’s freedom fighters, his character undergoes a major transformation after he loses a friend in an plane crash. It’s then when he realizes what it feels to die for the country.
The film had one of the best ensemble cast, and Siddharth shone as brightly as everyone else, including Khan.

Hailed as the pioneer of patriotism, this legendary actor was the first actor in Hindi cinema to conceive and envision a film on Bhagat Singh. Replicating his demeanor and emotions, Mr. Kumar proved why he has been hailed as Bharat Kumar. Actors may come and actors may go, but this legend will always remain our original celluloid Bhagat Singh.