As the times come close to hit the theater, about the most awaited movie of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan ‘Tube Light’ Salman took to Twitter to upload his video of cycling on the bandstand, from his residence to Shahrukh Khan’s home ‘Mannat’ meanwhile shouting ‘Sharukh Shahrukh’ while passing from the Mannat on June 15. Salman is now busy in promoting his Being Human bicycle as well as his Upcoming ‘movie Tube Light’.

From riding cycles to travelling in an auto rickshaw, Salman is making sure he reaches out to all his fans and connects with them on a personal level before his film releases.

Salman took everyone surprise as he was seen riding, eco friendly being Human cycle at Bandstand, Bandra, Shahrukh Khan has a cameo in Salman’s upcoming movie ‘Tube Light’ which is slated to be released on June 23.

A few years ago both the superstar were unwilling to face each other even they were in a room when the others were in attendance but now they have forgotten about the past and becomes friends once more.