At the Heart of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming the hot button topic in Modern Science and Technology.

We have been at the forefront of a technological revolution for decades. Finally humanity is at the end of the sprint of what could be the peak of the internet age.

As predicted by many futurists and experts on the field of Artificial Intelligence; as stated by Ray Kurzweil:

From Ape to Digital Man: The Evolution of Man

The Singularity is Near!

Now what is the singularity?

It is a hypothesis that the technological advancement of the world will eventually result in artificial intelligence having the ability to evolve, improve and modify itself without human intervention.

This will in effect make humans at least on a technological plane; obsolete.

It might not seem so scary until we take a look through the advancement of technology through the years.

Artificial Intelligence’s continued growth is for the betterment of human kind. However in the long run, its improvement is reported to cause the loss of 47% jobs around the world.

Artificial Intelligence already takes over many clerical jobs today and by 2040 [the median year amidst a field of experts predictions] it will have achieved singularity.

Don’t fear though, it isn’t like in the movies.

Hal 9000, 2001: A Space Odyssey

Robots wont rise up against their makers and destroy us.

No, there’s a far more intriguing but also psychologically disturbing method to their evolution.

Man and His Robot Love; Not just the future but the present!

Artificial Intelligence will win us over with love.

Ray Kurzweil states this as a positive movement that will see A.I. gain Human Intelligence and in turn make us a better species.

In debate, one of the leading minds of the world today; Elon Musk differs in opinion. His belief is that this advancement will eventually cause A.I. to surpass humanity and make us obsolete.

Indeed, whatsoever way this debate goes one thing is for sure; we are in for an exciting future!