Remakes and Sequels are unlikely to go out of fashion. They seem to be a safe bet and also guarantee huge commercial success, barring a few of them lately like Sarkar 3.

Still, our filmmakers are still charmed by the notion and keep looking to the West for inspiration. One such filmmaker is Siddharth Anand, who now shall be giving the audiences the Desi version of Stallone’s iconic action film Rambo.

Staring Tiger Shroff ( The Best Choice, TBH), the film is slated to release during the Christmas weekend of 2018. The original Rambo himself tweeted about the news and wished the makers all the very best.

Anand, who made the atrocious Bang Bang (2014), remake of an already mediocre Knight and Day, has an immensely promising subject at his disposal and a mesomorph. As the original hero has already stated- Hope they don’t wreck it.

So do we wish.