Unarguably one of the most potent and persuasive filmmakers of the 21st century, Prakash Jha completes 64 glorious years of his life today. Hailing from a small town in Bihar, Bettiah, Jha has consolidated his position in Hindi cinema as a brave, bold and fearless storyteller.

As his next production, Lipstick Under my Burkha, has created quite a few ripples in the industry and still continues to be shrouded in endless controversies, let’s revisit some of his most relished and sempiternal works.


4. RAAJNEETI (2010)

A riveting film about the greed for power and the hunger for victory, RAAJNEETI had one of the most absorbing and gripping ensembles for a mainstream Hindi film. An ambitious and visionary adaptation of the Hindu Mythology, The Mahabharata, Prakash Jha gave us a palette of perfidious characters that gave this political thriller immense robustness.

mrityudand 1997

3. MRITYUDAND (1997)

Placing his characters and diegesis in the state of Bihar, Mrityudand painted a horrifying and terribly disturbing canvas of helplessness, avarice and supremacy. One of the early portrayals of women empowerment and the battle for righteousness, this immensely rousing and poignant tale still remains germane to the Modern India.


2. APAHARAN (2005)

What happens when a honest and upright father has to go against his own son? What happens when he sacrifices his father’s principles and ideals and enters into the world of crime, aware of the concomitant worries and hardships? APAHARAN isn’t an easy watch. It raises pertinent questions about the lacunae in our judicial system and also informs us about the dangerous and vicious political system of our country. Watch it and get soaked in its thespianism.

Gangaajal 2003 Ajay Devgan

1. GANGAAJAL (2003)

Possibly the most exemplary and explosive collaboration of Ajay DEVGN and Prakash Jha, GANGAAJAL still remains the most pragmatic cop drama after Ardha Satya and Shool. Narrating the tale of SP Amit Kumar and his collision with the local don of Bihar, Sadhu Yadav, the film sucked you in its drama and performances from the word go.
If ever given a choice between Singham and GANGAAJAL, choose this as your viewing.